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Stain and Odor Removal

There are products made especially for cleaning after our pets. But there are some ordinary household products that can help, too.

Mind of the Cat: 06/06

We humans are often quite offended when our cats mark inside our houses. It is true that some marking behavior can have unpleasant consequences....

The Importance of Tooth Care

Serious health problems - such as heart, lung and kidney disease - can stem from dental neglect. Heres some expert advice.

Fur Changes: Trouble?

Your cats coat can be a barometer of her overall health and well-being. Here are signs to notice when something is amiss.

Mind of the Cat: 03/06

I recently received a letter questioning why a cat would choose to eliminate on an Oriental carpet. If we cannot understand the exact reasons, well then, can we at least fix this problem? There are many potential reasons for a cat to eliminate on a carpet. As always, a medical diagnosis is needed. But once your cat receives a clean bill of health, one possibility to consider is marking behavior. Check for evidence of social…

Home Remodeling: Plan Ahead

Remodeling doesnt have to be a catastrophe for your pets. Here is some safety advice.

Mind of the Cat: 12/05

Why in the world are there so many types of litter boxes available? Does box style really matter? Most cat owners purchase litter boxes that are inexpensive and readily available. Sometimes, designer litter boxes become attractive options - maybe some people figure, if we have to deal with the mess, at least we should have an aesthetically pleasing container. …

The Clean Litter Box

This essential part of your cats daily routine has to meet her needs first (hint: Forget the perfumed scents). Heres why.

Mind of the Cat: 03/05

Cats are capable of an amazing assortment of behaviors. Some behaviors that are normal for cats are socially unacceptable to humans. A particularly common but universally unacceptable behavior is elimination outside the litter box. When a cat soils in places other than his box, it is time to call the veterinarian. Once the cat is determined to be healthy and all reasonable medical explanations have been ruled out, it is time to consider other factors. …

Stop Hairballs in Their Tracks

Those disgusting deposits can be a threat to your cats health, so take some steps in prevention.

The Many Faces of Fur

It keeps your cat warm in winter and cool in the heat. There are ways you can help, too.

Marking and How to Stop It

Cats have different ways and different reasons for leaving behind their unmistakable mark.