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The Clean Litter Box

This essential part of your cats daily routine has to meet her needs first (hint: Forget the perfumed scents). Heres why.

Stop Hairballs in Their Tracks

Those disgusting deposits can be a threat to your cats health, so take some steps in prevention.

Mind of the Cat: 03/05

Cats are capable of an amazing assortment of behaviors. Some behaviors that are normal for cats are socially unacceptable to humans. A particularly common but universally unacceptable behavior is elimination outside the litter box. When a cat soils in places other than his box, it is time to call the veterinarian. Once the cat is determined to be healthy and all reasonable medical explanations have been ruled out, it is time to consider other factors. …

The Many Faces of Fur

It keeps your cat warm in winter and cool in the heat. There are ways you can help, too.

Marking and How to Stop It

Cats have different ways and different reasons for leaving behind their unmistakable mark.

Clip Your Cats Nails the Safe Way

A regular nail trimming will help your furniture, plus your skin. Heres the best way to proceed.

Cat Litter To Suit Every Need

The most important consideration is to choose a substance that your cat will use reliably.

Is Your Cat Bored?

After a clean bill of health, Kittys bad behavior and pestering are signs that she needs stimulation.

Cats That Lick Too Much

Some cats are more fastidious than others, but obsessive grooming signals a problem.

How to Bathe Your Cat

Have a plan in case you ever need to clean up Kitty.

Fleas : A Source of Torment for Your Cat

The recipe for relief? Get those freeloaders off your animal and out of your home!

Honey, Can You Call the Sitter?

Dont give this important job to just anybody. Heres what to look for in a reliable pet sitter.