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Your Cats Tongue

An Organ of Many Functions


Whether Done for Contentment or Healing, Its a Sound We Love To Hear

Adopting a Kitten

The First Thing to Consider Is Whether Youre Ready to Take on a 15 to 18+ Year Commitment

Dont Litter!

Early Spay/Neuter Gains Support among Veterinary and Humane Organizations


Cheaper, More Economical, and Easier on Your Cat Than Tackling Problems Later


Extroverted, Curious, and Playful, This Cats Disposition Makes It a Real Charmer

Cat Cinema

Valentine Videos to Win Your Cats Heart

The Chartreux: Beautiful Blue

This relatively rare breed is known for its gentle, calm and devoted personality.

Holidays to Help Cats

Humane groups encourage indoor living for cats, and prevention of cruelty to all animals.

How to Remove Pet Stains and Odors

Safe and effective products do exist - but the ones that work best contain natural enzymes.

How to Help Homeless Cats

Some will never be adoptable, but humane trapping to spay and neuter can help feral felines.