Mind of the Cat: 04/06

Are my cats playing or are they fighting? Are there ways that I can tell? Simple enough, right? In fact, not really; these are...

Redirected Aggression

Learn to recognize this behavior and nip it in the bud. Heres why.

Mind of the Cat: 10/05

Veterinary behaviorists can spend hours watching their subjects. What are the animals doing all this time? Mostly, they are engaging in normal, species-typical behaviors. In fact, it can be quite difficult to identify and manage problem behaviors without understanding which behaviors are truly normal. A question commonly posed to veterinarians and behaviorists is: Doc, is my cat normal? …

Are You Living With a Pariah Cat?

This feline outcast in a multi-cat home needs your help in improving her quality of life. Heres how.

Mind of the Cat: 04/05

At least once each month, I am called to evaluate a cat that bites the hand that feeds him. Sometimes, even after a bite, people decide to excuse the behavior. Perhaps the cat was stepped on or startled. Maybe the kids tried to dress him up. Id have bitten too! some people may claim. …

Mind of the Cat: 02/05

Is Muffy Too Mischevious For Your Taste?

What To Do When Your Cats Fight

First you need to understand the reasons. Then we help you with a strategy to cope.

Looking For An Animal Behaviorist?

The first step is to ask your cats veterinarian for advice. After that, heres what you should know.

To Catch a Thief: Cats That Steal

If your cat steals food when youre not looking - or even when you are - heres some help.

Getting A Good Nights Sleep

Are you a light sleeper or living with an overactive cat? We offer some suggestions for slumber.

Dear Diary: Keep Records of Your Cat

We explain why its important to keep track of certain details to help your cats health and behavior.

I Crave Attention!

Thats the basic message behind a lot of our cats behavior.