Lilies are Dangerous – Indoor Cats are Especially Vulnerable

Q Is it OK that we planted lilies in our garden? A friend of mine said were poisoning the neighborhood cats. I certainly dont want to do that! Ive had cats all my life and never heard of a cat poisoned by eating a lily. Weve even had lily plants inside. My cat stays strictly indoors so Im not worried about her in our garden, but I do see our neighbors cats out and about.…

How to Handle a Finicky Eater

Some cats are just naturally picky and like to have variety in their diet, but changes in eating habits can also be a sign of stress or major illness.


The Morris Animal Foundation recently wrote that a cat’s best defense against cancer may be snuggling with her owner.

When Acrobatic Prowess Fails Them

When it comes to leaping, landing and twisting in mid-air, cats earn accolades for agility, flexibility and acrobatic prowess. Its not unusual to witness your cat leap effortlessly to the top of the refrigerator and, when ready, to land softly and easily on the kitchen floor. But despite their grace and flexible physique, cats do not always land safely on their feet and can be at risk for painful sprains, broken legs, and other fractured bones.

The Odds of Deafness in White Cats

If you own a white cat, you most likely love his striking snowy coat and bright eyes. But you might also know that these brilliant features have implications that go deeper than appearance.

High Cholesterol Wont Cause Heart Disease

We know our pets can have many of the same medical conditions we have, but can they have high cholesterol? Yes! Hypercholesterolemia, more commonly known as high cholesterol, means theres an elevated level of cholesterol in the blood.

A Rare Polyp Impedes Breathing

If your cat has difficulty swallowing, shakes his head, sneezes and breathes noisily as if hacking or snoring, you could dismiss the behavior as fleeting. But while you might think the cause will clear up on its own, the problem may be a nasopharyngeal polyp - an uncommon, noncancerous bump at the very back of the throat or in the ear canal that must be removed through a fairly simple surgery. …

Three Top Allergens: Food, Fleas and Airborne Substances

Food Allergies Can Mimic Skin Conditions Incidence figures on food hypersensitivity in cats are hard to find, since cats often wont eat the special diets needed to either diagnose or treat food hypersensitivity, says dermatologist William H. Miller, VMD, at Cornell. Cats with a suspected food allergy usually visit either the gastroenterologist or the dermatologist, but not both. Animals with vomiting and diarrhea rarely have skin issues associated with their diets and those with itchy skin rarely…

Cats Are Predators But Also Prey

Cats have a reputation for being fearless and lethal predators, but theres a flip side to this characterization: While domestic cats who live with us still retain their hunting skills, they themselves are also prey - to dogs, urban coyotes, even birds such as hawks and owls. Cats, then, have a well-developed sense of fear. They are often cautious in the presence of strangers, loud or unexpected noises startle them, and they dislike changes in their…

Cats Are More Likely to Have Hot Zones

Unlike dogs who typically develop discrete hot spots in response to irritation, insects and allergies, hot spots in cats are less common for one surprising reason: Although they can have an identifiable trigger event, they can pop up for no apparent reason, says dermatologist William H. Miller, VMD, a medical director of the Cornell University Companion Animal Hospital. …

A Push to Screen for Earlier Diagnosis of Hypertension

A Push to Screen for EarlierDiagnosis of HypertensionCatWatch has previously reported that hypertension in humans can damage the heart and arteries, and cause stroke, kidney damage and vision loss. The Lancet journal predicted that the risk of becoming hypertensive during a lifetime exceeds 90 percent for people in developed countries. Even more alarming, it cautioned that Screening is not done systematically, and the diagnosis is often made at a late stage when target organ damage…

A Breathalyzer May Help Diagnose Asthma

Asthma affects nearly 5 percent of cats and can be difficult to diagnose. The gold standard has been to sample airways, but this requires anesthesia, posing some risk to patients and delaying therapy in some cases.