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Dry Food

Judge Diet By the Condition of Your Cat


While Not Without Some Risk, Their Use Has Improved The Health and Life Expectancy of Our Cats

Feline Hip Dysplasia

Help Is There for Disorder More Common than Previously Thought

How to Trim Your Cats Claws

Useful Skill May Blunt the Damage

Routine Dental Care

Clean, Healthy Teeth Help Cats Be Happier and More Active

Chronic Renal Failure

Progression of Irreversible Disease Varies, But Quality and Length of Cats Life Can Be Improved

Cushing’s Syndrome

Difficult to Diagnose and Treat in Older Cats


Your Senior Cat Depends on You to Detect Problems Early

In Health and Sickness

Following Dietary Guidelines Will Keep Your Kitty Happy and Healthy


Knowing How to Read Your Cat May Help Ease the Hurt

When a Disability Strikes

Most Cats Learn to Adjust Easily

The Mind of Your Cat: 07/02

Question: I have a 14-year-old cat. Her appetite is good, she is playful, and her coat is shiny. For the past year, she has...