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All About Abscesses

These infections are usually caused by a cat bite, and they require treatment.

Take Good Care of Your Aging Cat

When your cats golden years arrive, pay extra attention to his veterinary needs and daily care.

Short Takes: 08/03

Human Help for Dieting FelinesA feeding study underway at the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine is testing possible new prescription diets for obese...

When Kittys Kidneys Go Bad

Experts strive to lower the life-threatening risk of feline renal failure.

Short Takes: 07/02

Fungal infections and upper respiratory disease; Amitriptyline for LUTD

Do You Need A Second Opinion?

There are many reasons to seek another veterinarians guidance. Your cats health may depend on it.

The Importance of the Blood Sample

Theres no better way for a veterinarian to evaluate your cats health, so heres what to expect.

Your Cats Good Health

How to Spot the Signs of Illness

New Therapy

Less Radiation, Fewer Treatments

If Your Cat Scoots Across the Floor

The Bob-sled Could Be a Sign of Anal Sac Disease

Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Management Is Key to Improved Quality of Life

Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease

Feline lower urinary tract disease, or FLUTD, is a problem that cat owners everywhere dread. Litter box accidents, bloody urine, or a cat straining to urinate can all concern families. In some cases, this is an emergency-in others, a painful annoyance for you and your cat. In general, when a cat has urinary problems, its important to rule out any medical conditions before considering behavioral problems (to be covered in another issue). A common indication of…