The Costs of Ownership

Sometimes people adopt animals without thinking about the commitment, not only in time and effort, but also in costs.

Foster a Kitten: You May Be Saving a Life

Providing a temporary home for four-legged babies can be extremely rewarding for all.

Whats In a Name?

Smokey, Felix, Mittens, Tigger - what has been your inspiration when naming a feline friend? Many methods abound.

Love Medicine: Maddies Fund

In 1999 Dave Duffield, founder of PeopleSoft, Inc., and his wife, Cheryl, established Maddies Fund - and gave animal shelter medicine a much-needed shot in the arm. The foundation, which is named after the couples beloved miniature schnauzer, is helping to finance the creation of a no-kill nation. In September 2005 Maddies Fund awarded Cornell Universitys College of Veterinary Medicine a $1.7 million grant to educate veterinarians and veterinary students in the field of animal…

Become a Foster Parent

Caring for cats that need extra socialization or time to get healthy provides shelters - and the animals - hope for the future.

Second Chances

Kittens are irresistibly cute, but there are plenty of adult cats in need of good homes. Is your home the perfect place for one?

Shopping For A Shelter

Adopting an animal is an important decision. Visiting the shelters in your area - and comparing - can be a good idea.

Adopting a Cat (Or Know Someone Who Is)?

This handy guide can provide hints on making your home as cat-welcoming as possible.

What Happens In An Animal Shelter

To relinquish an animal isnt an easy process, so heres what you can expect to encounter.

Friends for Life

Sue Lee, 45, from Wolverhamton, England, is pretty much homebound due to a variety of disabling conditions: severe osteoarthritis, insulin-dependent diabetes and peripheral neuropathy...

Choose a Suitable Cat for a Senior

Sharing feline companionship can make a big difference in the qualify of life of the elderly.

Some Good Homes Needed

Raising a litter of kittens is a big responsibility. Heres help in placing them in suitable hands.