For Adult Cats, the Promise of a Normal, Healthy Life Once Disease Is Diagnosed and Treated

Skin Cancer

Common in Cats, Early Diagnosis Helps Towards Positive Outcome

When Your Cat Goes to the Dentist

What the Two of You Can Expect

Welcome to My World

Dr. Mew Checks Out the Newest Cataract Treatments

Current Research

Investigating the Role of the Enzyme Glucokinase and Blood Sugar Control in Diabetic Cats

Short Takes: 02/03

Bedbugs, Diabetes Monitoring, Curfews

Conjunctivitis in Cats

This sign of disease needs to be diagnosed properly and treated

At-Home Care for Diabetic Cats

Glucose monitoring is most successful when the patient is in a familiar setting and stress-free.

What Your Cats Scat Can Tell You

Keeping tabs on your cats stool - and any noticeable changes - can be of diagnostic help.

The Latest Help for Hyperthyroidism

Dr. Mew meets some cool cats in radioiodine therapy at Camp Thyroid.

Murmurs of the Heart

The prognosis depends on the underlying cause and at which stage the signs are recognized.