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The Fatal Danger of Antifreeze

Keep your cat safe from the risk of poisoning - but know the signs, just in case.

Short Takes: 12/03

The risk of over-the-counter medications; some relief for flea allergies

A Feline Hunger Strike

Take this potentially life-threatening problem seriously.

How to Make Time for Play

You can improve your cats health and happiness in just minutes per day. Here are some ideas.

The Evolution of Pain Management in Cats

Its getting more attention, but its still up to you to be your cats best advocate.

Cats That Give the Gift of Life

Feline blood donors may one day play an important role in saving your cats life.

When Kitty Needs a Dentist

Most cats experience dental problems at some point. Heres how to help.

Diagnosis: Ringworm

This common skin disease is highly treatable, but youll need patience - it takes time and effort.

Changing Kittys Diet?

Your cats health or age may warrant a new food. Heres how to make the switch safely.

Compounding Drugs: Medication Made Easy?

This can be a real benefit to our cats, but there are still some precautions to heed.

Short Takes: 09/03

Indoor versus outdoor cats; Giardia vaccine for cats is of minimal value

Clearing Up Feline Acne

This condition can become more than a cosmetic problem if a deep-rooted infection develops.