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Mind of the Cat: 08/05

Where do housecats like to sleep? Most often, it seems, right in bed with their favorite people. And for most of us, that is...

Why No Two Are Exactly Alike

Some experts believe its become survival of the cutest. Heres what makes your cat unique.

Teach Table Manners

How to keep your cat from jumping up on forbidden surfaces.

Safe Cleaning Products

Find cat-friendly ingredients to safely clean your home.

The Castle That Lets Fluffy Be Queen

From jungle gyms, perches, ramps and trees, the world of cat furniture today is boundless.

Scent Marking and What It Means

Scratching, cheek rubbing and even urinating are ways that cats leave their signature behind.

How to Find a Pet Friendly Rental

For you, living with cats isnt an option. Heres how to get your new landlord to agree.

Does Your Cat Constantly Scratch?

Food allergies may be the cause - and if left untreated, they can lead to other health problems.

Fun Winter Activities for Your Cat

Keeping your cat occupied and happy indoors during cold weather doesnt have to be a challenge.

Marking and How to Stop It

Cats have different ways and different reasons for leaving behind their unmistakable mark.

Clip Your Cats Nails the Safe Way

A regular nail trimming will help your furniture, plus your skin. Heres the best way to proceed.

Adopting a Cat (Or Know Someone Who Is)?

This handy guide can provide hints on making your home as cat-welcoming as possible.