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Adopting a Cat (Or Know Someone Who Is)?

This handy guide can provide hints on making your home as cat-welcoming as possible.

Cat Litter To Suit Every Need

The most important consideration is to choose a substance that your cat will use reliably.

Save Your Sofa!

There are gentle ways to train your cat to use her scratching posts. Heres how.

What Happens In An Animal Shelter

To relinquish an animal isnt an easy process, so heres what you can expect to encounter.

Friends for Life

Sue Lee, 45, from Wolverhamton, England, is pretty much homebound due to a variety of disabling conditions: severe osteoarthritis, insulin-dependent diabetes and peripheral neuropathy...

Is Your Cat Bored?

After a clean bill of health, Kittys bad behavior and pestering are signs that she needs stimulation.

Underfoot: Annoying and Dangerous

Its an effective way for cats to get us to notice them, but there are ways to curb this behavior.

How to Keep Your Home Cat-Safe

Check out your house from the feline perspective to find hidden danger zones. Heres how.

Declawing: Then and Now

The evolution of cats as our beloved companions includes some interesting debate.

When Things Get Too Hot to Handle

Thermal, chemical and electrical burns can be disabling to your cat - and sometimes fatal.

Choose a Suitable Cat for a Senior

Sharing feline companionship can make a big difference in the qualify of life of the elderly.

Some Good Homes Needed

Raising a litter of kittens is a big responsibility. Heres help in placing them in suitable hands.