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Underfoot: Annoying and Dangerous

Its an effective way for cats to get us to notice them, but there are ways to curb this behavior.

When Things Get Too Hot to Handle

Thermal, chemical and electrical burns can be disabling to your cat - and sometimes fatal.

Choose a Suitable Cat for a Senior

Sharing feline companionship can make a big difference in the qualify of life of the elderly.

Sharing Small Spaces

Cozy apartment living can suit your cat fine - as long as you provide ways to satisfy her instincts.

Some Good Homes Needed

Raising a litter of kittens is a big responsibility. Heres help in placing them in suitable hands.

How to Choose Cat-Safe Furnishings

You dont have to live with shredded sofas and old carpeting. Here are some feline-friendly ideas.

Ways to Cat-Proof Your Home

There are common household items that could prove deadly to your cat. Heres what to look for.

How to Foil the Feline Houdini

Here are ways to prevent your cat from making that mad dash out the door.

How to Help the Neighborhood Stray

There are steps you can take to make the right decision for the animal and your community.

The Mind of Your Cat: 02/04

Question: My cat is one-and-a-half years old and has always traveled with us between our two homes. One of these homes has waterbeds as...

Short Takes: 09/03

Indoor versus outdoor cats; Giardia vaccine for cats is of minimal value

The Pedigreed Puss

Assuming your vocal cat is a Siamese isnt enough. You need paperwork to back it up.