Short Takes

Short Takes: 09/04

Provide kittens with plenty of patience; carbohydrates and feline meals

Short Takes: 08/04

Facial pheromones to the rescue; living with cats makes us happier

Short Takes: 07/04

Dangerous daffodils; solutions for elimination problems; many mothers

Short Takes: 06/04

Beware of fake tick and flea products; pop-top cans and hyperthyroidism

Short Takes: 05/04

How cats express pain; the cities with the healthiest pet populations

Short Takes: 04/04

Predators and outdoor cats; West Nile virus and cats; news on vaccines

Short Takes: 03/04

Predicting due dates; declawing as a last resort; pets left home alone

Short Takes: 02/04

More on vaccines and cancer; cats most at risk of traffic fatalities

Short Takes: 11/03

Understanding urine marking; muzzles make a difference in veterinary visits

Short Takes: 12/03

The risk of over-the-counter medications; some relief for flea allergies

Short Takes: 01/04

Different poisons with similar names; the many benefits of living with cats

Short Takes: 09/03

Indoor versus outdoor cats; Giardia vaccine for cats is of minimal value