Short Takes

Short Takes: 09/03

Indoor versus outdoor cats; Giardia vaccine for cats is of minimal value

Short Takes: 08/03

Human Help for Dieting FelinesA feeding study underway at the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine is testing possible new prescription diets for obese...

Short Takes: 07/02

Fungal infections and upper respiratory disease; Amitriptyline for LUTD

Short Takes: 01/03

Biting, Taxes, Overpopulation, Toxoplasmosis

Short Takes: 04/03

Beautiful but deadly: flowers and bulbs to beware; vaccination update

Short Takes: 02/03

Bedbugs, Diabetes Monitoring, Curfews

Short Takes: 03/03

The web gives adoption assistance; a link between weather and fleas

Short Takes: 05/03

A Positive Grade for TNR  As a concept, TNR (for trap-neuter-return) sounded like a workable solution to the feline overpopulation problem: Round up all...

Short Takes: 06/03

Ways to make dental home-care easier; compulsive behavior and cats