The Linac

Dr. Mew Visits a High-Tech Cancer Buster

Guest Editorial: Lymphoma

Second-Hand Smoke May Be a Cause

Tumor Registry: Tracking Pets Cancers

A newly established Companion Animal Tumor Registry in two areas of New York state will test a question that has intrigued cancer researchers: Can...

Skin Cancer

Common in Cats, Early Diagnosis Helps Towards Positive Outcome

Ask Dr. Richards: 03/03

Question: My 12-year-old calico cat developed mammary cancer last October. My veterinarian surgically removed several growths and felt he got all the cancer. He...

Short Takes: 05/03

A Positive Grade for TNR  As a concept, TNR (for trap-neuter-return) sounded like a workable solution to the feline overpopulation problem: Round up all...