Ways to Protect Your Outdoor Cat

Its important to keep him safe from disease, predators and other common pitfalls. Heres how.

Broken Bones: One More Outdoor Risk

The best preventive measure? Keep your cat indoors and out of harms way.

The Importance of Basic First Aid

Getting proper - and prompt - treatment for your cat is essential. Know the important signs.

All About Abscesses

These infections are usually caused by a cat bite, and they require treatment.

Your Cats Good Health

How to Spot the Signs of Illness

Feline Dental Emergencies

A Quick Response Offers the Best Prognosis

When It Might Be an Emergency

Erring On the Side of Caution May Be the Best Thing to Do


Knowing How to Read Your Cat May Help Ease the Hurt

When a Disability Strikes

Most Cats Learn to Adjust Easily

Repairing Feline Jaw Fractures

The emphasis should be on normal jaw function and preservation of teeth.

Is It An Emergency?

Here are 10 signs that indicate an immediate trip to the clinic is in order.