Is Your Cat Really Hurting?

Pinch your finger in a car door, step on a nail or cut your thumb while peeling an onion, and youre apt to let out a holler that will alert everyone within hearing range to the fact that youre experiencing pain. And then youll spend the next week or two talking about that dreadful moment and its unpleasant consequences. Your cat is much different from you in that respect. Certainly, it can experience discomfort of varying intensity in its hard and soft tissues - its bones, joints, ligaments, muscles and internal organs. And it may howl for a moment when it senses sharp pain. But it certainly wont verbalize. It wont be able to point pathetically to a lacerated paw pad or an aching joint and say, "This is where it hurts!"

The Danger of Burns

Although indoor cats are far less likely than outdoor cats to contract a contagious disease, be ripped up in a brawl with other animals or be struck by a car, they are not completely out of harms way. Even within the confines of their own homes, they can suffer serious injuries, not the least of which are disabling (and even fatal) burns that result from a variety of factors, including their natural curiosity and, all too often, carelessness on the part of their owners. There are three categories of burns: thermal, chemical and electrical.

Ask Dr. Richards: 01/07

Q- I recently lost a three-year-old female cat to heartworm disease. I would like to see more information on what heartworms are, how to treat them, and most importantly, how to prevent these parasites from taking our precious cats. All of my cats are indoors, fixed, and go to the veterinarian yearly.

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