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Short Takes: 02/03

Bedbugs, Diabetes Monitoring, Curfews

Paw-Pad Problems

Allergies are the Most Common Cause of This Uncommon Predicament

Repairing Feline Jaw Fractures

The emphasis should be on normal jaw function and preservation of teeth.

Current Research

Investigating the Role of the Enzyme Glucokinase and Blood Sugar Control in Diabetic Cats

Dont Ignore Your Cats Bad Breath

The unpleasant odor can be a problem within the mouth, or a sign of a more serious malady.

Is It An Emergency?

Here are 10 signs that indicate an immediate trip to the clinic is in order.

Short Takes: 05/03

A Positive Grade for TNR  As a concept, TNR (for trap-neuter-return) sounded like a workable solution to the feline overpopulation problem: Round up all...

How Will I Know When Its Time?

Saying goodbye to a beloved cat isnt easy. Finding support and empathy can help.

The Facts on Fiber

Certain conditions do require extra fiber - but a well-balanced diet is enough for most cats.

At-Home Care for Diabetic Cats

Glucose monitoring is most successful when the patient is in a familiar setting and stress-free.

When Food is Medicine

Prescription diets: Is there one that can help your cats health condition?

What Your Cats Scat Can Tell You

Keeping tabs on your cats stool - and any noticeable changes - can be of diagnostic help.