Short Takes: 09/07

Previous studies examined behavioral changes in cats long after their spay/neuter operations. But this one looked for changes in the first day or two: "Behavioral alterations and severity of pain in cats recovering at home following elective ovariohysterectomy or castration." Reported in the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association (Vol. 231, No. 2) the study asked owners about things like their cats time spent sleeping, playfulness, aggression, appetite and vocalization. Most behavior changes were attributed to after-effects of the anesthesia, which wore off the first day, but there was one "interesting" development, the researchers said. On day two, when cats might be expected to complain loudly about losing their reproductive rights, most were quieter than usual.

Neutering and Behavior

Cat owners are often concerned about neutering their male or spaying their female cat. One question they sometimes ask is whether the surgery will change their family cats character and behavior. On this, veterinarians are virtually unanimous: Change will be significant, but it is all to the better. In my way of thinking, it should be done for every cat, says James Richards, DVM, director of the Cornell University Feline Health Center and Editor of…

Mammary Cancer

Early neutering and an owners vigilance can minimize the potentially lethal threat.

Scent Marking and What It Means

Scratching, cheek rubbing and even urinating are ways that cats leave their signature behind.

Is Your Cat a Feline Felon?

Its important to know community laws regarding vaccinations, neutering and so forth.

When Is The Right Time to Spay Your Kitten?

Do you think your cat is too young to spay? The recent trend has been to spay at 16 weeks, or even as early...

Mammary Cancer: An Aggressive Foe

Early neutering is the most effective way to counter this ravaging disease.

Feral Cats

Volunteers Provide Humane Control and Management

Ask Dr. Richards: 02/02

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The Mind of Your Cat: 01/02

Question: I live with a three-year-old cat that recently gave birth to a litter of kittens. The kittens are darling, and just turned 12...

The Importance of Spaying and Neutering

Good Behavior and Health Top the List of Benefits

Short Takes: 01/03

Biting, Taxes, Overpopulation, Toxoplasmosis