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Knowing How to Read Your Cat May Help Ease the Hurt

Inhalant Allergies

Help is Available When the Immune System Overreacts to the Environment

Watch Those Teeth

Set Your Cat Up For a Lifetime of Healthy Teeth Right From the Start

Guest Editorial: Lymphoma

Second-Hand Smoke May Be a Cause


Some Call Them Unsafe and Unproven; Others Say Theyre Natural and Effective

The Linac

Dr. Mew Visits a High-Tech Cancer Buster

Veterinary Dentistry

21st Century Solutions for Modern Cats

Screening Tests

Early Diagnosis May Save You and Your Cat the Trauma of a Serious Illness

Tumor Registry: Tracking Pets Cancers

A newly established Companion Animal Tumor Registry in two areas of New York state will test a question that has intrigued cancer researchers: Can...

A Clean Environment

Immune-Suppressed People and Cats Can Safely Live Together


Hairballs are mats of hair that collect somewhere in the gastrointestinal track, from the back of the throat to the anus, says James Richards,...

A Finicky Feline

Coax-Feeding Your Sick Cat