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Ask Dr. Richards: 09/02

Question: I understand that there is now a vaccine for FIV. I do my best to keep my cats indoors, but sometimes one of...

Feline Hypertension: A Silent Threat

Hypertension (high blood pressure) is an insidious foe. Like you, your cat can have high blood pressure for a long time without any obvious,...

When Your Cat Turns Blue

What to Do About Feline Depression


Some Cats Lose Hearing Almost Immediately; Others Later

Welcome to My World

Dr. Mew Checks Out the Newest Cataract Treatments

Ask Dr. Richards: 11/02

Question: I have three cats that I love dearly, Bandit, Branigan, and Snowball. Snowball is a new addition to the family, so we dont...

AAFP Statement on Declawing

Position Paper Offers Details on Whether Onychectomy is Necessary


For Adult Cats, the Promise of a Normal, Healthy Life Once Disease Is Diagnosed and Treated

Dietary Supplements: Are They Necessary?

Good nutrition is vital to good health. Ideally, everything we need comes from our daily diet, but many of us pop vitamins just in...

How to Help Your Arthritic Cat

Treatments Range from the Conventional to the Alternative


For Cats With Kidney Disease That Might Improve, Treatment is a Good Option

Ask Dr. Richards: 12/02

Question: I just purchased a lovely Persian kitten, and the breeder told me to make sure my veterinarian tests to see what my kittens...